To complete reconstructive treatment without sacrificing own's tissue.


To reduce patient burden by providing medical devices using our unique decellularized technology.


There are treatment methods for harvesting and implanting the patient's healthy tissue for reconstruction surgery, but there are problems of these treatment. We would like to solve these issues developing alternative medical devices so that more patients will be able to receive treatment or will have better outcomes. We, CoreTissue BioEngineering, is developing new concept of treatment devices and would like to expand this technology and product to the world, especially United States where the market is much larger than Japan. Most of the Japanese treatment devices are imported from United States or Europe, but this is time for Japanese start-up company to introduce innovative treatment devices to the world.

城倉 洋二

Board Chairman

Yoji Jokura, Ph.D.

城倉 洋二

President, CEO

Chiaki Waki