What is ACL injury?

ACL is a band of dense connective tissue which courses from thighbone to shinbone and it plays a role in stabilizing the knee joint. ACL injury is a tear or sprain of ACL, and most commonly happen during sports such as soccer, basketball, football and skiing.

Problems of current ACL treatment

The standard treatment is to collect the patient's hamstring tendon or patellar tendon, make a graft, and implant it in the knee joint using arthroscopy, but this treatment method has to collect patients’ healthy tissue. In addition, there are harmful effects such as the risk of infectious diseases and decreased motor function. In addition, patients with re-rupture or those with multiple ligament ruptures have the challenge of not being able to collect enough autologous tendons to be transplanted.

Therefore, alternative treatment is needed to treat ACL injury.


Solving conventional therapeutic challenges using proprietary decellularization technology

We are developing an artificial ligament for the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) reconstruction surgery by applying "decellularization technology" that removes cellular components that may cause rejection from living tissues.

This makes it possible to develop products that have biocompatibility and strength as artificial ligaments.

In the market, there are about 40 medical devices that use decellularized animal / human tissues, but all of them are made from thin films or thin tissues. We are aiming to commercialize the world's first artificial ligament that requires thickness and strength with decellularized animal tissue.